Miele Washer Buyer's Guide

Miele Washing Machine

Miele Company was founded in 1898 by Carl Miele and his partner Reinhard Zinkann. It is a German manufacturer, but today is a worldwide company and has distributions in every continent.

Their product line is rather expensive, and they produce home appliances like washer dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, and microwaves.

Miele is very well known in Europe, especially Germany, but it has lately started selling in the USA since 1989 and has branches in 30 countries. One of their best-known products in Miele washing machines.

Founders Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann

Carl Miele (left) Reinhard Zinkann (right) With modern-day technology continually changing each year, Miele has made it a promise to continue upgrading its products and always staying ahead of the competition. Before the 1950′s, washing machines were known to be in basements of houses secluded from other home appliances and in laundry mats, but in 1951, Miele changed everything with the Horizontal-Axis Washer No. 307.

Creating a change in shape from round to rectangular gave the Miele washing machine a more “appealing to the eye” product that you can place in your kitchen or even laundry room for that matter, a real eye-catcher, and shift in home appliances soon to come in the future.

  • In 1923 Miele washing machine No. 50 – Built on an electric motor, Miele creates the first washer with a transmission drive for farms and small businesses
  • In 1925 Miele develops the first coal and gas-fired drum washing machine; ideal for hotels restaurants and hospitals
  • In 1930 Miele created the cradle washer and dryer series
  • In 1953 the Horizontal-axis washer No.307 was born changing technology forever
  • In 1958 Miele opened a new chapter in history with the first domestic tumbler dryer
  • In 1967 Miele entered the industrial and hospital markets with specialized washer-disinfectors
  • In 1981 A completely new series of washing machines/ dryers hit the market including 5kg load capacity washers
  • In 2001 Miele invented the “honeycomb” drum taking genital fabric care to new heights reducing creasing during washes
  • In 2005 Miele launches the 6kg drum load capacity for both washers and dryers

Miele Washing Machines: Continuous Innovation

Throughout the past few decades, washing machines have been transformed by the technology and innovations being used to enhance them.

At the same time, consumers are now able to save more water and electricity than ever, thanks to innovations designed to use less water in the wash load. Most washing machines have been redesigned to use less electricity as well, to cut down on costs and energy used.

Miele has been at the forefront of these technological innovations. Since 1899 when Miele began in Germany, the company has been adding game-changing innovations to its household appliances and products.

In 1900, Miele broke into the washer and dryer market by coming out with their very first washing machine. Less than two decades later, in 1914, Miele offered a washing machine with an electric motor to customers.

At the time, Miele offered one of the most innovative and newest products available to consumers.

In the 1920s, Miele produced some of the first motorcycles, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers available for purchase. They also mass-produced bicycles and other products during this time.

In 1956, Miele released they’re first fully automatic washing machine, following by the first domestic tumble dryer two years later in 1958.

In 1978, Miele came out with their first microprocessor-controlled washing machine and dryer, meaning consumers could now control what the machine was doing.

This required less work for consumers and encouraged the demand for even more technological advances in the washing machine and dryer technologies.

In 1997, Miele released the world’s first washing machine with a program for hand-washable woolens.

Only four years later, in 2001, Miele released its patented honeycomb drum technology, which is still in use today.

This technology brought attention to the consumer’s desire to wash clothes with care. Now the Honeycomb Care Technology is still used in all of Miele’s washing machine models.

In the past decade, Miele has continually moved forward with technological innovations. They have added functions to their machines that competitors do not have. They have improved the technology behind the washing machine’s automatic wash functions. Just recently, in 2006, Miele released a new washing machine and tumble dryer series with a more innovative design than ever before.

With a company history spanning through two centuries, it is crucial innovation and technology play a role.

Customer satisfaction is high with Miele customers because their products are so innovative and up to date compared to competitors.

Miele’s great success and highly respected reputation in the household appliance space are in part because they are always looking to improve the technology behind these appliances and products.

Miele’s dedication to continuous innovation has allowed them to play a primary role as a top competitor in the household appliance industry.

Why Choose Miele Washing Machines

If your old washing machine has died and you want a new one, the best washers out there are Miele washing machines. Miele is a German manufacturer that produces and sells different home appliances.

Their washing machines are probably the best known in both Europe and the USA. They are best recognized for their traditional quality and novelty technology. Miele washing machines are already everything that other brands are yet trying to achieve.

The slogan of this company is “Forever Better.” When talking about the Miele brand, everybody knows their excellent quality.

Their prices can be a little higher than usual, but you can’t find any unhappy customers. All of their household machinery, including their washing machines, have a guarantee, which they always stand by.

Here are some advantages you will get by buying Miele washing machines:

  • Reduced water usage – Miele washing machines can use up to two times less water than other known brands.
  • Precision cleaning – This washing machine has various preinstalled programs, but it also allows you to make your programs and save them for future use.
  • Easy to control – Wash cycles, as well as rinsing and to spin along with water temperature, can be controlled with just a touch of a finger.
  • Easily programmable – Any settings can be programmed according to the amount and type of clothes that are being washed.
  • Dependable – Hardly any malfunctions happen with Miele washing machines.
  • Childproof – Miele washing machines are closed tightly while working.
  • Diagnostics – Like automobiles, this washing machine has a program that determines and informs you if there should be any problems.
  • Timer options – You can program it to start washing when you are away from home. You can program your washer to only work when the electricity is the cheapest.

Whichever model of Miele washing machines you choose, you can’t be disappointed. All of those machines have a personal computer built-in, which is always being updated with every new feature released.

Even though some Miele washing machines can cost up to $2,000, you won’t be disappointed if you can afford it. They will function for more than 20 years.

When calculating the savings from using less water and only working with cheap electricity, this price becomes rather reasonable.

Why worry about washing your clothes, it doesn’t have to be a chore you hate. Just buy a Miele washing machine and you are set for the next twenty years.

Everything You Need to Know about Miele Washing Machines

Before purchasing a new washer, you should learn about Miele washing machines, as they are the best quality machines out there. Miele company washers have a guarantee for ten years. Their lifespan is longer than 20 years.

Miele washing machines and dryers are also considered as one of the most expensive on the market. So why would you prefer an expensive Miele washer to other known, but cheaper brands that look similar?

Most Miele washing machines with front-loads are very economical and usually pay off their price in a few first years of use. The most essential features of Miele washers are:

  • Deficient energy consumption. They can be programmed to use only the cheapest electricity.
  • Anything hardly breaks down as all parts are made extraordinarily robust and durable. This means less repairing and no replacement issues.
  • Uses less water for rinsing as other known brands.
  • Every part used for building Miele washing machines is made recyclable. They are helping to save our environment.

Here is an overview of the best features that all Miele washers have:

  • Garment Care. Miele washing machines have a patent on honeycomb drum. That is a technology that helps to save water while still giving your clothes the best washing. This system enables the washer to consume only the optimal amount of water needed for that specific load of clothes. It can spin up to 1800 RPM, ensuring that all clothes only have minimum moisture when coming out of the machine.
  • Various washing programs: Miele washing machines have multiple programs that are always fabric specific. You can clean stains with 22 different stain cleaning programs.
  • Excellent performance: Miele washers have systems that are waterproof and protect the machine against damage from water. It is coated with enamel, protected against corrosion and scratching, and it can resist acids.
  • Spinning is smooth and quiet: Miele washing machines are the quietest machines on the market.
  • PC Software: There is a built-in PC that updates itself and customizes your machine even years after purchase.

Miele Washing Machines and the Water Crisis

The earth is running out of water—yet many people do not know we are in the midst of a water crisis. It is more crucial than ever that we conserve our natural resources to ensure we can maintain the amount of freshwater we need to survive.

Our use of water now will affect the future of the earth. Our children and grandchildren will likely experience the implications of what we choose to do with our water now.

This is why Miele is working to make a difference.

Not only do Miele washing machines work to conserve water when going through their wash cycles, but they also work to preserve the clothing washed.

Clothing production takes millions of gallons of water per year, water that we could be saving to drink. In fact, according to Miele.com, synthetic textile dyeing of clothes takes 2.4 trillion gallons of water.

Because Miele recognizes how much water is used in clothing production, they also realize the importance of conserving the clothing we have. Miele washing machines are designed with technology invented to preserve the wear and tear of clothing.

One of these innovative technologies is Miele’s Honeycomb Care Technology. With the stainless steel of the inside of the washing machine consisting of 80% fewer holes than standard washing machine interiors, less water can escape.

Instead of the clothing rubbing on and penetrating through these tiny holes of the stainless steel, Miele’s Honeycomb Core Technology creates a thin layer of water between the few holes and the clothes.

This layer acts as a protection between the interior of the washing machine and the clothing. The Honeycomb Care Technology preserves clothing, ensuring tears and snags do not occur.

With this preservation, the need to purchase new clothes is reduced, followed by less of a demand to produce new clothes and wastewater. Miele is doing their part to ensure our water supply is kept and the earth is preserved.

The water crisis is occurring, and many are left uninformed. Instead of denying the fact that we need to cut down on our use of water, Miele is embracing the opportunity to make an impact by reducing the amount of new fabric we need to produce, as well as the amount of water that is being used in an average washing machine cycle.

For those who want to dedicate themselves to saving our water supply, purchasing a Miele washing machine is a great start.

How do I know if Miele is right for me?

Miele has enough innovative options that anyone who is looking for a new washer and dryer could turn to them for a solution.

Miele products are legendary among consumers because they are truly built to last and to endure washing all types of fabrics and colors.

In a world of competing brands, Miele sets itself apart with its reputation for offering durable, reliable, and innovative washing machines and other home appliances.

If you are questioning if Miele is right for you, an excellent question to ask yourself, maybe, “what am I looking for in my next washing machine?” If you answered durability, functionality, or reliability, then you should consider purchasing a Miele washing machine.

If you are looking for durability, look no further than the Miele brand. Miele brand washing machines are genuinely built to last, with technology that continues working well beyond the average washing machine lifespan. Miele washing machines can wash a variety of fabrics, and the technology used by the machines can endure heavy loads. While some brands of washing machines seem as though they might break if you push their button the wrong way, Miele’s washing machines are some of the most durable on the market.

For those looking for functionality in a washing machine, Miele makes a great choice. With a winning combination of engineering and manufacturing using only the very best raw materials, Miele is known for offering functions that cannot be found anywhere else. From interior lighting to sensors inside the machine to let you see the family pet is stuck inside, Miele offers innovative functions that can be used on a day to day basis.

If you are looking for reliability, Miele is one of the most reliable brands on the market. Not only do Miele washing machines last longer, but you can trust that they will not destroy your clothing. No matter what color blends and fabric blends you might try to wash, Miele washing machines are gentle with your clothing.

Because of their Honeycomb Care technology, less wear and tear is shown on the clothing washed. This means you can rely on your Miele washing machine to take as good of care of your clothes as if you were hand-washing them yourself.

If you are looking for durability, functionality, and reliability in a washing machine, then turn no further than Miele. With decades of experience, Miele offers legendary technology as well as innovative techniques that create washing machines designed to last for years. Miele is a great fit for everyone.

What is the Miele Honeycomb Care System?

The purpose of purchasing a high-quality washing machine and dryer is to ensure your clothes can be cleaned and preserved. But Miele’s Honeycomb Care System goes an entire step beyond “high quality” with groundbreaking technology that sets them apart as a leader in the washing machine manufacturing industry.

Miele understands that busy families have to wash a variety of clothing, from fancy work outfits to kid’s soccer jerseys, so the Honeycomb Care System technology is designed to encompass a variety of fabrics and textures.

The Honeycomb Care System uses stainless steel technology, like many other quality brands. However, Miele’s Honeycomb Care System enhances cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear and tear by using a unique pattern of stainless steel that resembles a honeycomb.

Instead of being made with hundreds of tiny holes that could potentially penetrate fabric, the Honeycomb Care system takes gentle care of materials, and there is no room for clothes to get snagged or torn by the machine’s stainless steel.

Miele’s Honeycomb Care system leads to an 80% reduction in the number of exit water holes, which keeps a think layer of water between the stainless steel interior of the washing machine and the clothes. As a result, clothes are cushioned as they spin in each clothing cycle.

The Miele Honeycomb Care System is just one thing that sets Miele apart from competitors. The Honeycomb Care system is a perfect example of Miele’s innovation in the technology and home appliances industry.

In fact, according to mieleusa.com, WfK Applied Laundry Research Institute in Krefeld, Germany has proven that Miele washing and The Honeycomb Care System technology makes clothes cleaner, and leads to clothes lasting four times as long as those washing in a standard washing machine.

Miele understands how important this is for busy families who want to make their clothing last for years. Fine fabrics can be appropriately cared for at home, thanks to the Honeycomb Care System and Miele’s innovative technology.

The Honeycomb Care System also allows you to utilize your Miele washing machine for any sort of laundry you need to clean. In the past, the only way to clean silk and delicate hand-washables were to take them to a dry-cleaner.

Miele’s Honeycomb Care System technology offers unique programs to wash these items without ruining them gently. For on-the-go families who have a mixture of wools, linens, cotton, silks, and other fabrics, Miele washing machines and the Honeycomb Care System provide an innovative solution for laundry-washing needs. The Honeycomb Care System truly sets Miele apart as a top-rated washing machine.

What makes Miele Washing Machines Different?

Miele’s brand is recognized around the world. As one of the most prominent European brands, Miele has set high standards of innovation, reliability, durability, and convenience.

Miele washing machines fit stylishly into narrow spaces and easily with other appliances and laundry room cabinetry. Because Miele has been in the business for decades, they have built a legacy of success that sets them apart from competitors.

Miele washing machines are known for their cleaning performance, due in part to Miele’s Honeycomb Care laundry systems. The Honeycomb technology used by each Miele washing machine encompasses stainless steel in the shape of a convex pattern that resembles a honeycomb.

This technology allows an 80% reduction in the number of water exit holes, leading to a water channel network that cushions clothing while the washing machine turns. This leads to less wear and tear on the clothing and extends the life of all fabrics, even delicate fabrics that often could not otherwise survive a normal washing cycle.

In standard washers and dryers, stainless steel technology can rip and snag clothing. With Honeycomb technology, there is no chance that clothes can rip and snag, allowing them to remain completely intact.

While conventional washing machines are responsible for clothing penetration with many holes in the stainless steel wall of the washing machine, Miele washing machines produce optimal washing results at a gentler pace guaranteed not to ruin clothing.

Miele understands that a washing machine exists to clean and care for clothing. From business attire to grass stains, to everything in between, Miele washing machines are designed to get fabric clean.

The washing machines use a unique combination of detergent, time, water temperature, soaking, and mechanical action to ensure each piece of clothing comes out stain-free and clean. This is what makes Miele washing machines one of the top-rated washing machine brands available in the market

Miele washing machines are also set apart by their variety and condensed shapes and sizes. For those who require a stackable washer and dryer set, Miele offers options that will fit, even for those who are crunched for space.

If you prefer your washing machine and dryer to integrate with cabinets and other room features, Miele offers customer cabinet door panel options. No matter what you are looking for in a washer and dryer and how much space you have, Miele washing machines offer options.

For those looking for a durable and dependable washing machine, turn to Miele. With a proven track record of customer satisfaction and company success, it is no wonder Miele is celebrating a legacy based upon years of innovation in the washing machine industry.